Luz is a sophomore at Cornell studying Economics and Inequality Studies. Born and raised in Harlem, she is a first generation American and college student. She has lived experience with anxiety, having struggled with it unknowingly for a very long time due to the stigma of mental illness in Hispanic households. Luz hopes to help remove this stigma many students face both at home and at Cornell, and wants to normalize the idea of mental health being just as important as physical health. In her free time, Luz enjoys watching Netflix and going out to eat with her friends.


My name is Claudia Natalie Quihuis and I am currently a sophomore at Cornell University studying sociology. Coming from a majority Mexican-American city in Texas and studying in a prestigious, predominantly white university has put me in a unique position to compare and contrast the experiences of low-income POC to middle and upper class white Americans. My goal is to help foster a welcoming environment and provide resources for those who cannot afford / are not comfortable with mental health professionals. I currently struggle with social anxiety and major depression but am on the road to developing healthier coping mechanisms   Makeup and such is my go-to for self-care, and in my free time I enjoy reading manga, watching movies, and going out to try new foods / restaurants.