Since 2013, Project LETS has:

  • Advocated for mandatory suicide prevention training and mental illness education for 7th-12th grade teachers/staff in New York [with Senator Kemp Hannon, Senator Ken LaValle, and Senator Robert Ortt]
  • Established LETS chapters at the high school and college level - making in-depth changes (cultural and political shifts) in ableist educational systems 
  • Developed the Project LETS Crisis Line & International Peer Mental Health Advocate program [in addition to numerous community-based programs, such as our National Suicide Prevention Memorial]
  • Published critical resources, guides, and documents by individuals with lived experience 
  • Developed the Peer Mental Health Advocate model, which is now expanding to 10 universities in higher education
  • Held the first Project LETS Conference in 2017


Major 2017 Updates / Where We're Going in 2018

Project LETS: Brown University Student Voices -  Mireya Gonzalez

Project LETS: Brown University Student Voices - Mireya Gonzalez


Take a look at our Impact Report from the 4-year pilot program at Brown University.


"I had an incredible PMHA."

Her impact made me want to impact someone else the same way by offering my time, expertise, and resources. I hope to gain a few new friends on campus and a sense of impact as both a mentor and an activist.


In 2013,

after launching the Project LETS international Crisis Line, our team realized immediate crisis intervention was only one small piece of the puzzle. We began researching programs and interventions that sought to connect those in crisis to longer-term, follow-up care. In early 2014, Project LETS began offering one-on-one peer counseling services to individuals from all over the world. Following the success of this model, and a conversation held with a student at Brown University, the PMHA program was born.

"I realized a tendency I have to fault myself when a system failed to meet my needs. For example, blaming myself for bad experiences with therapists or little responsiveness in terms of accommodations from the university. Learning about the progress to be made in systems of mental health care has been a relief, and definitely re-framed my perception about my ability to be helped and supported through different services I've used in the past."

- Brown University PMHA

Project LETS: Brown University Student Voices -  Yema Yang

Project LETS: Brown University Student Voices - Yema Yang

A commitment to increasing representation of all mentally ill and neurodivergent voices:

Source: Brown University PMHA Program Data

Source: Brown University PMHA Program Data

Source: Brown University PMHA Program Data

Source: Brown University PMHA Program Data