Our Team


STEFANIE LYN KAUFMAN (SHE/THEY) - executive director

Stefanie Lyn Kaufman is a queer, disabled, autistic & mentally ill community organizer and graduate from Brown University, with two BA's in Medical Anthropology and Contemplative Studies. In 2013, they founded Project LETS after the suicide of Brittany Marie Petrocca; and living with their own neurodivergent experiences. Stefanie approaches their work with various lived experience, including: psychiatric and physical disability, sexual assault, and suicide; and from an anti-oppressive, disability justice framework. Stefanie focuses on the big picture with LETS - strategy, funding, program and curricular design, & team development. They spend much of their energy on maintaining healing and staying grounded in the present moment through tools like baking, crystals, watercolor painting, research-for-fun, hot showers & hot cocoa. They are invested in and committed to disrupting multiple systems which disproportionately discriminate, harm, and kill mentally ill and neurodivergent folks worldwide. 


MOLLY HAWES (she/her) - director of development

Molly Hawes joined the LETS team as a Brown undergraduate, and has lived experience with ADHD, depression, and OCD. She focuses on expanding our program and works to bring peer support services to colleges across the country. Molly selects chapter leadership, trains PMHA Coordinators, meets and negotiates with administrators, appropriately modifies our materials to cater to each community, and ensures that the work of each chapter is in alignment with our standards and ideology.  She also worked as a Peer Mental Health Advocate for two years, facilitated mental health policy reform on campus, and helped organize the Second Annual Ivy League Mental Health Conference. 


FELIX VANCE (they/them) - director of operations

Felix Vance is a recent graduate of Brown University where they worked with Project LETS as a Peer Mental Health Advocate. After struggling with a lack of support around mental health in college they committed themselves to advocating for other people with mental illnesses and histories of trauma. They are dedicated to ending the cycle of abuse and providing compassionate support to survivors of childhood sexual abuse; they are especially excited to help Project LETS develop resources and programming around those topics. Felix relies on talk therapy, podcasts, witchcraft/tarot, bread-making, and songwriting to cope with their anxiety, depression, and PTSD. They are genderqueer and easily enraged by structural oppression and binary thinking. Even though conflict makes them anxious, they believe strongly in transformative justice and are invested in implementing communal accountability measures for addressing racism, sexism, and ableism, among other overlapping structures of oppression.  

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YEMA YANG (she/her) - graphic illustrator 

Yema Yang is a junior at Brown University pursuing an independent concentration in Medical Anthropology of Mental Health. She has lived experience with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, orthorexia, and panic attacks. Yema has carried fear and anxiety with her since she was young, but it was only when she found LETS that she was able to really push through her fear and instead act out of love. Since joining, she has been filled with agency, courage, and hope by advocating for herself and her  neurodivergent peers. With this newfound love for fighting the good fight, Yema dreams of fully supporting and returning power to those with mental illness. 


ALICIA HOWELL (SHE/HER) - intern & blog writer

Alicia is a current Mindfulness Studies Grad student at Lesley University. She has a B.A in Sociology/Anthropology from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. She is a divorced single mother of three. She dispatches first responders/mental health providers to locations to provide clinical support regarding crisis/traumatic events across the country for an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  Alicia uses mindfulness based stress reduction techniques to aid her lived experience with racism, ADHD, sexual assault, avoidant personality disorder/social anxiety and NVS/PTNS (post traumatic narcissism syndrome). She advocates for the education of mental health in ethnic communities and mindfulness based stress reduction techniques for people of color.