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Join us for our inaugural Conference: October 2017

Bringing university-level students with lived experience of disability & mental illness together to create sustainable systems of peer support on campus.

Project LETS is an inclusive community and network for individuals with mental illness (or experiences that are understood as mental illness) that provides peer support services, assists with advocacy efforts, and strives for political change. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we approach our work through intersectional feminist frameworks, and aim to break down barriers to quality mental health care by addressing stigma and institutional ableism.

We value shared power and reciprocal relationships between people with lived experience & those working to support us, treat us, and help us thrive.

Project LETS aims to minimize the gap between impersonal, clinical research (and ableist experiences with doctors & the medical system) with the expertise of our lived experience. We are embarking on a dual-mission of centering the narratives of disabled and mentally ill people; and democratizing medical knowledge through task-shifting model of peer integrated systems.

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JD Schramm