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Welcome to the PMHA Resource Center!


I need help now.

First, try and stay calm. You've got this. You have lived experience to tap into, and training resources to back you up. You've got people, an on-the-ground community, and an entire organization to support you. We're here, and you don't need to do it alone.

  • Step 1: Have you contacted your university's PMHA Coordinator?

Let them know what's going on, and that you need support. Your PMHA Coordinator is frequently in contact with the National Team, and can reach us quickly if necessary.

  • Step 2: Have you contacted your university's network of PMHAs/LETS community?

The odds are: typically someone is available and around. Check in with your community of PMHAs to see if anyone is able to speak with you, or provide direct support.

  • Step 3: Have you contacted the Project LETS National Team?

You can always contact our team for support, questions, or in a crisis moment. 

You can reach our National Team by emailing:

You can reach our Regional Director by emailing:

You may also reach out through our Peer Crisis Line below.

Access to our Navigating Crisis Google Drive Folder

Request a Resource

Do you feel like there is a topic of conversation or situation you are unprepared for as a PMHA? Our job is to best support you in your role -- so we'd love to hear about it. And further, we will email you within 1 week (2 days if urgent) with the resources you requested.


When do I need to report a situation?

  1. Elderly abuse
  2. Child abuse 
  3. Imminent threat to self [which is defined as: intent, means, plan]
  4. Imminent threat to other [if there is an intent to harm, we have a duty to warn

What type of documentation is necessary for the role?

  • Notes: After each session
  • Evaluation: Every 6 weeks

How often should I meet with my peer?

We recommend starting on a regularly, weekly basis. Some PMHAs/peers keep a consistent schedule and meet weekly, or every other week. Some PMHAs/peers communicate mostly via text, email, and Facebook Messenger -- and meet in person on as-needed basis. This is up to you and your peer, and the boundaries you set within your relationship.

I was just assigned a peer. What is the process?

  1. Your PMHA Coordinator will send an introductory email to your peer, and CC you on it
  2. You will reach out to your peer and introduce yourself! Here is a template. 
  3. You will be given access to a Google Drive folder to keep track of your notes & documents
  4. Before your first meeting with your peer, you should be given access to your peer's Pre-Evaluation. Contact your PMHA Coordinator if this is not the case.