Project LETS
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Michigan State University

Chapter Co-Coordinators: Sonali Solanki & Chris Reyes
PMHA Coordinator: Sam Fierens
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Anna Mae Tomlanovich: I’m a junior at Michigan State University and I’m studying anthropology. After undergrad, I would like to go to medical school or to work with special victims! I’m a lover of all things cereal, pasta, pizza, chocolate and I’m a music, book, and movie fanatic. I have struggled my whole life with anxiety and depression due to my experience with sexual abuse. However, I wasn’t formally diagnosed until I was a teenager. I have experience with anxiety, major depressive disorder, and C-PTSD. When I first came to MSU, my depression took a turn for the worst and I really struggled to come out of it. Even though I didn’t find Project Let’s until later, it came at the perfect time in my life. Project Let’s has given me a support group and has taught me to not be so ashamed of my illness. I’m excited to take everything I’ve learned in my life and help someone else; I’m so excited to meet you!!!

Sonali Solanki: I’m a senior at Michigan State University majoring in Art Education and Psychology. I enjoy all things art and have a great appreciation for pizza. A little more about my experience with mental illness—I have lived experience with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. I have never felt comfortable talking about my mental health up until I found a group of people who have faced the same things that I have and that is why I think Project LETS is a such a great organization to have on campus. I hope to become an art therapist and aid children with mental illness and those who have faced certain trauma.

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Chris Reyes: I’m a senior at Michigan State University majoring in Biological Anthropology with a minor in Health Promotion. I have a great interest in forensic science, literature, and astronomy. I have lived experience with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. I have my dog, Astro, who keeps me company and makes me happy when I’m down. It took me a long time to accept my mental illnesses and with the help of Project LETS, it’s helped me meet great people who I can connect with on campus. I hope to come a forensic anthropologist or forensic odontologist upon graduating to bring closure to families and bring justice to the victim.

Sam Fierens: I’m a junior at MSU studying psychology, and I hope to continue on to get a masters in Clinical Psychology and go into therapy. I love rap music, singing, hanging with friends, and my cat Bim! I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and ADHD in 2012 and struggled for many years in and out of the hospital. Now, I am very proud to say that I am in a great place and am very much in control of my illness — but this is still a continuing journey and I have good days and bad days. We are all at various stages in our journeys, and I’m super stoked to be involved with such an important program.


Lisa Gross: I am a sophomore at Michigan State University, and I am in Nursing School. I hope to one day become a psychiatric nurse and eventually a nurse anesthetist. I enjoy snowboarding, dogs, and hanging out with friends. Joining Project LETS has been one of the best decisions I’ve made while being at college, and I hope that our chapter makes an impact on our students and our school!