I’m a junior at Michigan State University majoring in Art Education and Psychology. I enjoy all things art and have a great appreciation for pizza. A little more about my experience with mental illness—I have lived experience with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. I have never felt comfortable talking about my mental health up until I found a group of people who have faced the same things that I have and that is why I think Project LETS is a such a great organization to have on campus. I hope to become an art therapist and aid children with mental illness and those who have faced certain trauma.


I’m a junior at Michigan State University majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Health Promotion and Bioethics, Humanities, and Society. I hope to become a forensic anthropologist and possibly, go to medical school and become a forensic pathologist, orthopedic surgeon, or plastic surgeon. I enjoy comic books, volunteering at Sparrow Hospital, and participating in multiple clubs/organizations on MSU campus. It’s a pleasure being apart of Project LETS!



I’m a sophomore at MSU studying Psychology, and I hope to continue on to get a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and go into therapy. I love rap music, singing, hanging with friends, and my cat Bim! I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and ADHD in 2012 and struggled for many years in and out of the hospital. Now, I am proud to say that I am in a great place and very much in control of my illness, but this is still a continuing journey and I have good and bad days. We are all at various stages in our journeys, and I’m super stoked to be involved with such an important program. I look forward to getting to know everyone!



My name is Arielle Buckley and I am a sophomore at Michigan State. I am majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Global Public Health and Epidemiology. My goal is to become a researcher studying mental health and the brain. I love to laugh and listen to poetry in my spare time. I enjoy meeting people from different ethnic backgrounds and hearing their life stories. I believe that we can all grow by learning about the people around us and gaining insight from each perspective. I am excited to be a part of the Project LETS chapter at Michigan State. I cannot wait to see the changes we make on campus!


jair leggett

Hi! My name is Jair and I am a philosophy major with a minor en Espanõl. In my free time I love to run, kayak, and go out with friends. I have seen and felt the impact loneliness can have on the mental health of a transitioning college student; I am more than excited to meet you all and help end the stigma.


Hi everyone, my name is Megan Murrin and I am a freshman majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. I enjoy being active, going on road trips, and hammocking in the woods with my friends. I also love dogs to an extreme extent, I have the most adorable border collie named Quincy! I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for years now, and I know as a freshman entering college with these issues it can be stressful, but I am here to make the transition with you. I want everyone to feel welcomed and comfortable at MSU and being a part of a program like LETS is a great way to start!


I’m an Arts and Humanities senior at Michigan State University. I’ve struggled with mental illnesses for as long as I can remember, but I’ve been blessed with an amazing support system. I can earnestly say that I wouldn’t still be here today if it wasn’t for the people who carried me through. I want to give that same unwavering support to others in anyway I can. In my free time, I like to art journal, blog, go on walks and watch Netflix. I enjoy cats and Kurt Cobain more than most people. I don’t like to wear shoes and am a single mom of 18 plants.



I am a senior majoring in Human Biology with a Minor in History, Philosophy, and Sociology of science. I enjoy being outside, reading, and coffee. My involvement with mental health started very young, I personally have Generalized Anxiety Disorder with Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies, and several members of my immediate and extended family have Depression, Anxiety, ADD, and OCD. As an RA in the past I have become very well read on the stigma of mental illness as well as have directed many students to resources when struggling with these issues. I want to help those in need and those who feel that they cannot be helped by showing them they’re not alone. I am very excited to use my experience in event planning and communication on the Marketing team. I’m excited to work with you all!