Meet the Brown University PMHAs

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Hi everyone! My name is Izzy, and I am a second year concentrating in CS (I think??). I have lived experience with OCD, anxiety, and depression. Talk to me about finding the right providers, being queer, seeking accommodations, building support networks, managing time, and so much more! <3

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Nico, alum '17 (Africana Studies/Music). Experience with: eating disorders, depression, anxiety, short-term hospitalization, navigating healthcare while trans, academic accommodations. Areas of focus: gender and sexuality, ACT, CBT, nutrition, movement, sexual violence prevention, mindfulness, time management and stress reduction

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Beatrice – English Literature ’18 – diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder – anxiety, eating disorders, toxic relationships, depression and hypomania, suicidal ideation, medication, mental illness in the family, international student experience, medical leave – coping mechanisms: writing, journaling, therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness, empathy


Suzanne — Economics and Environmental Studies ’20; Primary focuses: anxiety and eating disorders. I’m always here to listen and offer advice when I can!


Michelle, Health & Human Biology '18--Areas of Focus: eating disorders, anxiety, depression, sexual violence, and cultural difference. Emphasis on positive coping mechanisms, sustainable healthy behaviors, and active stress management.

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Sachin, Computer Science and International Relations ('17) --- Areas of Focus: Anxiety, depression, cultural differences, CS culture and staying healthy; Resources: CBT, ACT, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.

Marie Lachance - Freshman; BEO with a specific focus in social entrepreneurship. Primary focuses: eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia), food anxiety, and over-exercising. Outside of being a PMHA, I make late night smoothies in the Ivy Room, teach swim lessons for preschoolers, serve on the marketing team for Stand Up! and TEDxBrownU, and I love to run around Providence, drink coffee, and watch Gilmore Girls.

Alex -- Lived experience with: depression, OCD, anxiety, suicidal ideation/action, panic attacks, family struggle, social isolation, SSRI medication, CBT, time/stress/anxiety management, romantic/interpersonal relationships, CAPS

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Grant is a sophomore at Brown who specializes in outside referrals. In his free time, he enjoys cycling as well as working on scientific research. • Focus: Depression, Outside Referrals, Cultural Differences • Resources Used: Exercise, breathing exercises, Stress management strategies

Monica - OCD; (Focus: OCD, GAD, Dermatillomania, DBT, meditation, Support Groups, S.S.R.I's, CBT, Habit Reversal Therapy, coping mechanisms, yoga)

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Elyse -- Class of 2020 -- Public Health -- Depression, General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), disordered eating, body dysmorphia, panic attacks, and PTSD. I am on the premed track and am passionate about bringing more empathy and compassion to the medical field. I am also very interested in exploring how visual and performing arts help to manage and alleviate mental illness. Feel free to reach out whenever.

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Janice - Recovery + Wellness; Dual-Degree. Diagnosed with depression about two years ago after living with it for much longer. Focus: coping skills, day-to-day logistics in relation to mood disorders, and finding a therapist. I've experienced CAPS at both Brown and RISD, before transitioning to an external provider. I still experience some challenges in daily life, but they now feel much more manageable.

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Elizabeth - Statistics ’19.5 - Focus on bipolar spectrum mood disorders; lived experience with rapid cycling mood episodes, anxiety, chronic illness, disordered eating, suicidal thoughts.


Hi! My name is Victor Julian Padilla, and I am concentrating in Neurobiology. I have lived experience with ADD, anxiety, and autism spectrum disorder.

Kitty - Mood/Personality Disorders; Generalized and Social Anxiety; Panic Attacks Depression; ADHD; Class of 2019, MCM and VISA major interested in socio-political change and art. I have experience with professional psychotherapy and have taken a number of different medications throughout the years. These include Zoloft, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Lithium, Xanax, Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, Lamictal, Klonopin, Adderall, and Lorazepam. I love to talk to others about their experiences and am happy to help wherever I can.


Emily — Aspiring high school teacher, lived experience with eating disorder, anxiety, depression, treatment (residential, PHP, IOP), drama and expressive arts therapy, CBT, DBT, working with CAPS and SEAS, finding off-campus resources, taking time off, and transferring schools. Always excited to meet new people and provide support!

Kat – Diagnosis: GAD; Lived experience with: depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation/planning, panic attacks, being first-gen + low income @ Brown, CAPS + outside therapy.

Nick - OCD, Depression, and GAD. Diagnosed with OCD at an early age, Nick has had much practice dealing with obsessive-compulsive behavior and would love to help/talk to anyone experiencing any sort of OCD symptoms. Nick actively implements many therapies for OCD, depression, and GAD, including ACT therapy, CBT, and mindfulness-based therapies. Nick has also taken a leave at Brown, and would love to talk with anyone considering that option!

Paula - Depression/anxiety disorder. Focus: panic attacks, suicide prevention, seeking medical help, dealing with family & mental health, recovery, cultural barriers. I am also here to talk about other issues like cultural shock, being low income and/or a minority student at Brown, etc.

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Matt – Mood Disorders; Focus: Bipolar Disorder and coping with mania, depression, perfectionism, self-harm, trust issues, loneliness, and living without an official diagnosis. No one should have to suffer in silence, don’t be afraid to reach out!

Natalie - PTSD; Focus: PTSD, recovering from trauma, depressive responses to trauma, anxiety, stress management Resources used: therapy, yoga, writing, changing living location, research online and through memoirs/fiction/nonfiction, modifying academic workload, other coping mechanisms

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Sophie, Cognitive Neuroscience '19 Lived experience with anxiety, depression, ADHD and dealing with medication for all of the above- Also experienced with eating disorders, CBT, and cultivating well-being through positive psychology and mindfulness techniques.

Sophie -- Biology/English. Lived experience with: Depression, Eating Disorders (EDNOS), Abusive Relationships, Body Dysmorphia, Medication, LGBTQ. Focus: Stress management, Coping mechanisms, Body positivity, Exercise & Nutrition, Chronic pain management, LGBTQ advocacy.

Yema - pre-med, Psychology, '19. Lived experience with panic attacks, anxiety, orthorexia, supporting suicidal and depressed friends, and neglectful and/or codependent/unhealthy relationships. Resources: blogging, self-care, mindfulness and loving-kindness meditation. Huge on self-advocacy and self-love and acceptance. Here to talk and navigate life with you, through the highs and the lows.


Anna - Lived experience: OCD, anorexia, depression, social anxiety, mental illness in the family, finding an off-campus provider. Resources used: CBT, exposure therapy, yoga, humor. My door is always open, whether you’re seriously struggling or just want to chat.


Aaron - Health & Human Biology '20. Lived experience with depression, self-harm, GAD, OCD, and related medications. Especially interested in offering support to LGBTQ peers, peers of color, and men who struggle with seeking help due to prevailing notions of masculinity. Off campus, I volunteer with Families for Depression Awareness. Nobody should have to face their challenges alone; I am here to speak with anyone who needs me.

Dani- Religious Studies Diagnosis- lived experience with anxiety depression, panic attacks, floating-duck syndrome- always happy to be of service.

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Bailey - Neuroscience '20. Lived experience with eating disorders, OCD (with tics), depression, mood issues related to use of oral contraceptives, off-campus therapy, and CAPS. Favorite coping mechanisms include singing, running, yoga, and laughing.

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Zoe; Sophomore; Public Health OCD, Depression, Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety & Disordered Eating. Lived experience with sexual assault, self harm, medication, CBT, ACT, CAPS & finding off campus resources. I'm always here to listen.

Gloria Essien, '17 Contemplative Studies; Lived experience with: depression, disordered eating. I am largely interested in alternative medicine, so a lump sum of the resources and coping skills I use are related to MBCT, mindfulness meditation, etc,...

Dorothy - Suicidal thoughts, ideas, coping; Focus: suicide prevention, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), anxiety, disordered eating, stress management, intersectional oppression, emotional abuse

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Elise – Math or Physics concentrator ’19; Lived experience with: anxiety and depression, suicidal and self-harm ideations, SSRI medication, talk therapy, transition from CAPs to off-campus support, long distance relationships, mood issues related to oral contraceptives, being an athlete at Brown, transition-induced stress, feelings of isolation; Resources Used: CBT, talk therapy, SSRIs, exercise, journaling, being with people.

Paula - Eating Disorders; In high school, I experienced -undiagnosed- EDNOS for about 2 years. I focus on the stigma surrounding EDs, how to approach friends + family, life without medical diagnosis, intuitive eating, yoga, meditation, body acceptance, body positive language, etc. I'm open to discussing my personal story with recovery, + hope that I can help others with similar (or perhaps not so similar) experiences.

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Paxon Chang; Eating Disorders and Mood Disorders; Experience: EDNOS, depression, self-harm, abusive/manipulative relationships, stress management, navigating diagnoses in POC communities; Resources: mindfulness, therapy, academic workload adjustment, positive coping mechanisms, managing slip-ups

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Rachel -- Brown/Risd; bipolar disorder // mood disorders // depression & anxiety; Experience w/ misdiagnoses, finding a medicine (& going through wrong ones), seeking medical help (psychiatrists), seeing off-campus therapists & navigating mental health & family. Focus: coping with mood swings and anxiety in everyday life, self-acceptance and self-reliance, exploring mental health through art visualization & figuring out how to spend positive alone time.