Hello, all! I’m a junior pursuing an independent concentration in Medical Anthropology of Mental Health. I have lived experience with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, orthorexia, and panic attacks. I have carried fear and anxiety with me since I was young, but it was only when I found LETS that I was able to really push through my fear and instead act out of love. Since joining, I have been filled with agency, courage, and hope by advocating for myself and my neurodivergent peers. With this newfound love for fighting the good fight, I dream of fully supporting and returning power to those with mental illness. That said, I am honored to live my dream doing this work at Brown, and I can’t wait to make an impact with you all!



Hey there! My name is Shivani Nishar, and I'm a sophomore studying Cognitive Science. I'm from California and can talk to you about why I love the state for days on end. I love to go plant shopping, watch Bollywood movies, and eat Ben & Jerry's nonstop. I joined Project LETS because I have noticed that people of color are continually left outof the conversation in the efforts to destigmatize mental health. Personally, I struggle with social anxiety and seasonal affective disorder & want more people to recognize the unique situation of overcoming both the mental illness stigma and various cultural ones. I hope to implement some programs that tackle these cultural obstacles and stigmas that our particular community faces and am very excited to do so with the rest of the Project LETS team!


Hi! My name is Matt, I am a junior studying electrical engineering, and I am one of the Program Coordinators for this year! I have a passion for playing sports I totally don’t understand, long peaceful walks at 3 am, and anything involving a beach. I am hopelessly clueless, incredibly good at sounding confident and assertive when I have absolutely zero idea what I’m talking about, and I perpetually look like I am lost (because I often am). But, despite all that, I love listening to people’s stories and am willing to do everything in my power to help out if I can. Don’t be afraid to ask me questions and I look forward to meeting you all!

dorothy jiang

Hi! My name is Dorothy, and I am a junior at Brown. I am majoring in Intersectional Mental Health, an independent concentration I created last spring. I grew up under the beautiful and melancholy grey skies of Seattle, WA, which contributed to my early experiences with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). As I have encountered more of life's ups and downs since coming to college, my mental health has shifted in other ways, though I continue to focus my advocacy efforts on suicide awareness and intervention. I have found strength and solidarity in Project LETS at Brown, and I seek to increase awareness and action around making mental health spaces and activism more accountable to communities of color. When I'm not plugging events into my Google calendar, I enjoy reading on public transportation and trying my hand at visual and literary arts. Disruption is key!



My name is Paula and I'm a senior concentrating in Biology and English Literature. I hope to become a psychiatrist and a young adult novelist. I love reading about mental illness, writing about mental illness, and getting lost in adventures that help me forget about mental illness. Throughout my life, I've experienced eating disorders, depression, and anxiety - all of which have shaped and strengthened me. I never felt comfortable speaking openly about mental health until I found Project LETS my freshman year at Brown. Project LETS provides me with an avenue for sharing my lived experience and connects me with a supportive community of individuals. I am so excited to serve as Social Chair, and am looking forward to an incredible year!



Hey there! I'm Eli (he/him), a Brown sophomore with ADHD from Atlanta. I care a lot about politics and policy as tools to improve people's lives. On the side, I'm also interested in math, chess, and a bunch of other stuff! I joined Project LETS this spring, and I soon fell in love with everything about it. I have a particular passion for disability justice, which suffuses my politics and my activism. As a Southerner, I'm all too familiar with what happens when a government doesn't serve all of its people, and I understand that solidarity between oppressed groups is critical. I saw that this summer, when ADAPT activists led the fight against cuts to Medicaid, and I know it from the history of the South and Reconstruction.

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Hello all! My name is Judith, and I’m the Peer Mental Health Advocate (PMHA) coordinator for LETS this year. I’m a senior currently pursuing a B.Sc. in Neuroscience at Brown University, which means that brains turn me on. As an individual with a mental illness, I believe that my personal experiences with stigma and marginalization have translated well into an active passion for advocacy. I’m interested in the relationship between mental health and mental illness, and the variety of ways in which one’s experiences can be influenced by the definition of disability - both the self-affirmative and self-identifying label of disability as well as the stigmatized definition placed upon individuals by society. 



Hello! My name is Anna, and I’m a sophomore (definitely) studying History and (probably) something literary as well. I grew up just outside Chicago and will happily discuss the spectacular beauty of cornfields with anyone who wants to listen! I joined Project LETS my freshman year after hearing our fantastic founder, Stef, speak on a panel during orientation, and I have been increasingly involved since then. My lived experience lies with OCD, eating disorders, and depression--all of which, through the ups and downs, have made me the person I am today. I am so excited to work with a community of such passionate, hardworking, caring individuals to share our stories and disrupt the culture of silence and shame that contributes to mental health stigma. When I’m not engaged in advocacy work, I’m usually listening to podcasts, eating toast, or adding to my collection of ridiculously patterned socks.