Healing through the art of storytelling

Our mission is to close the gap between the impersonal research/symptom lists provided by scholars and clinicians. We want to show you how it really feels to suffer from depression, hear voices, dissociate, and all of the wide variety of experiences associated with living mentally ill. We aim to provide a platform to share your stories, discover you aren't alone, and find a safe outlet to express everything you are experiencing, from stigma, shame and fear, to joy, hope, and in time, recovery. Most importantly, we want to show you that people with mental illnesses live successful, meaningful, productive lives. They work with us, they work for us, they go to school with us, they teach us, and are vital parts of our community. They know how to manage their illnesses just like so many of us live with and manage any type of illness and still accomplish the things we want to accomplish. An important step for all of us in ending stigma is to hear more success stories, to learn about accomplishments, and to understand that living in silence is not the answer - recovery is the norm.

Search through the brave individuals who choose to live boldly, and share their stories in hopes of changing conversations. Among these individuals, you'll find: diagnoses, raw experiences, barriers to seeking help, common misconceptions, etc. 

We're not symptoms, diagnoses or our worst days. We are human beings.