This was the first letter and tool we received in 2013. Since then, we have received over 500 submissions, and have a 96% non-relapse rate. 

Self-harm may give you a sense of relief, but that is only temporary. Your pituitary gland releases endorphins, chemicals that act as an analgesic, or pain relief in response to injury. Eventually the endorphins die down and you are left with the pain of the injury. People cling onto the temporary contentment of the endorphins and continue to self-harm. The pain relief of self-harm is only temporary, though, and the next day you are left with more pain than the previous day. Yes, the cycle is repeated so that more “happiness” can be felt, but eventually you will feel stuck with self-harm, and that it is your only way of coping. This is not the case.

We want you to mail us your tools. Your razors, your safety pins, your knives, your scissors. Write a letter. Get it all down. Let it all out. We need to be kind to ourselves. We promise, handing over your razors will be an incredibly freeing act. LETS is here, and we encourage you to find a reason to stay, and to find a reason to let go of the cycle of hurt. Make the choice.


Mail your tools & letters to:

Project LETS
20 Lace Lane
Westbury, NY 11590

+ await a letter documenting just how proud of you we are.