Sometimes, life is simply too overwhelming to face alone. Whether you need someone to share your story with, are experiencing a crisis, or need help finding help - we are here.

All LETS Lifeline Agents are extensively trained through QPR Suicide Prevention Training Guidelines and LETS Crisis Training. In addition, during your chat, all Agents have access to an infinite amount of resources from the LETS library, including: self-harm alternatives and distractions, coping with flashbacks and PTSD, cycles of depression, medical complications associated with eating disorders, fading and covering scars, managing stress, meditation etc. Your questions, answered. Your story, heard. 

Access a Peer Counselor

LETS Peer Counselors are specifically reserved for individuals who have limited insurance, cannot afford therapy, do not have access to a mental health professional, can't seek access due to family issues, personal issues, stigma, etc., or for those in need of additional help and support. You will have contact with your specific counselor, receive one-on-one-support, help with accommodations, referrals, e-mail reminders to take medications + go to appointments, tailored recovery/safety plans, and more.

Chat With Us!

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  • Monday - Friday: 12 pm - 12 am
  • Saturday - Sunday: 10 am - 1 am
  • We are currently working incredibly hard to staff early morning hours, in order to be available internationally. Past 12/1 am, you are welcome to leave a message with an *urgent subject line, and if a counselor is up, we will respond immediately. 

Work for the LETS Lifeline

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I am required to have a personal computer and a broadband internet connection during the LETS/QPR training, certification and online support shifts. *
To become an LETS Lifeline volunteer, I need to possess excellent command of the spoken and/or written English language, as well as have no mental impairment or medical disability of which I am aware that would affect my ability to serve objectively and efficiently as a Crisis Responder. *
I will be required to pay a $60 fee to work for LETS. This will include getting my agent login/access, and getting a background check. *