can i help project lets fundraise?

Create a Fundraising campaign. Use your creativity and passion to take an active role by fundraising, donating or spreading awareness for our cause. Check out all the options on our Classy site, here. 

how else can i get involved?

Start a conversation. Buy a t-shirt. Start your own club or college chapter. Bring a speaker to your school. Book us for a free program or training. Volunteer for our Crisis Line. Share and spread the message of LETS in your life and community. Fundraise for us (see above)!!!!!

share your voice.

Under the 'Share Your Voice' tab, share your story of triumph, tears, celebration and struggle with us. You are accounted for. 

join us on social media. 

Let others know help and support is available. Share our resources. Spread a message of hope and community. 

support young adults living with mental illness fund their treatment/recovery.

Check out our Society6 shop to search amazing designs created by young adults trying to fund their treatment/recovery.

can i work full-time?

Absolutely! However, we run solely on a volunteer basis, and do not pay any of our staff. Check out new job opportunities, here. 

stay informed + sign up for our newsletter.

You'll receive updates from us about what Project LETS is up to, mental health news, new programs, and ways to get involved!

make a donation.

Every dollar we receive is put back into action. All funds go towards educating and training students + communities, operating our Crisis Line, and connecting people to the help they need.